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Arriving at
6:00 AM

June 27 2020
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During lockdown in the U.K., I broadcast seven Domestic Discos on Instagram Live from my front room. Over the course of the run, I blew up two power amps and drank a little more than was healthy for me—but, ooh, was it worth it. I was shut in with my partner, Kim, and her favorite song is “Dance This Mess Around,” by the B-52s. That inspired our mission statement: Get people jumping around in their living rooms, kitchens, and fallout shelters. Here’s a selection of Domestic Disco bangers. Turn off the mind for a few precious moments and let the body take control. As the lyrics of that particular song say, “Now, doesn’t that make you feel a whole lot better?” Yes, it’s amazing how therapeutic losing it to a song can be. Your session starts now …

Jarvis Cocker is a shortsighted musician and broadcaster living in the North of England

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