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August 24 2019
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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (right) in his then Washington office.

Before he resigned as Interior secretary in the winter of 2018 over the usual stew of Trump-administration ethics violations, Ryan Zinke was tight with the president. Improbably, the self-styled Marlboro Man from Montana, who fancied cowboy hats and fishing gear, and the Queens-born commander in chief, who never removes his tie or makeup and who hates hunting, had a lot in common.

They both suffered Putin-esque crises of masculinity. Zinke showed up for his first day on the job in Washington on the back of an Irish sport horse named Tonto. (And would later spend $6,250 of taxpayer money on a helicopter in order to go riding with Mike Pence.) Trump just had a “Dear Leader” military parade in the capital.

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