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December 7 2019
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A scene from The Goes Wrong Show, “The Spirit of Christmas” episode. “People maybe want a bit of escapism right now, and we’re able to offer that,” one of the members explains. “We’re not saying witty things and asking people to laugh along with us. We are just saying, ‘Come and laugh at these fools for half an hour.’”

Jonathan Sayer knows a lot about things going wrong. When he was a child, he served a stint playing the young street urchin Gavroche in the hit musical Les Misérables. One night, during his death scene, he fell to the floor and landed on the revolving stage. “My hair got caught in the innards of the revolve and was torn out. But the show went on. People kept singing. I had to just lie there, because I was supposed to be a dead body, but I was, like, ‘Argh, my hair!’”

It was a formative moment for Sayer, who realised, after the agonising pain had subsided, that things going wrong on stage can be funny.

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